• Wendy Angus

Kinesiology for fitness & performance

Kinesiology is not just there to help people with constant symptoms of ill-health and chronic health conditions - kinesiology is also a very powerful tool for helping people to maximise their fitness or performance levels. CAM magazine (Aug 2015) had a very interesting article about Champion Tennis Player Djokovic and how kinesiological mucle testing identified that there might be an issue with certain foods that was affecting his performance, especially stamina, in matches. This was in 2010. Within a year of making various dietary and lifestyle changes he was world number 1. Similar issues often show in clients. The fitter and healthier a client is the less they show day-to-day symptoms of ill-health, but when their body is under stress, during physical exercise, symptoms of underlying health issues often show up as fitness or performance problems. Joint or muscle weakness is often linked with certain foods, toxins and viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections. Aerobic fitness issues are often linked with weaknesses in the lungs and the circulation of oxygen around the body, in turn dependant upon the correct balance of essential fats in the body and optimised heamoglobin levels. Emotional and structural influences also often play a big role and can also be dealth with using kinesiological techniques.

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