Hair Test

I also offer hair testing for those clients that are unable to physically come and see me for a face-to-face consultation. This involves pulling out a minimum of 4 strands of hair by the roots (usually underneath at the back of the head, although people who are bald can use chest hair or underarm hair as an alternative) and posting them to me for analysis. I will then test the hair in the same way I would if I was muscle testing a client to assess what the key health issues are for the client and will provide a detailed programme of what I would recommend to improve health. Recommendations may also include food to increase or avoid, supplements - vitamins, minerals or herbs and homeopathic remedies. Any homeopathic remedies recommended will be posted to the client free of charge together with the written programme - this is included in the hair test price.

After I have tested a client's hair I will arrange a remote consultation via Skype, Facetime or Google Meet or via the telephone. The consultation will last between 30 minutes and an hour and will talk through the findings of the hair test. This allows me to explain in details what has been discovered during hair testing and how it relates to the client's health issues. It is also particularly useful where emotions/stress are an important contributory factor towards health issues as it allows the client to discuss and understand how certain periods/incidents in their life may have contributed towards how they feel now and the state of their health.

COVID-19: I am able to continue to carry out face-to-face consultations with clients. However, hair tests are a way of monitoring and progressing the health of clients who would rather minimise face-to-face contact still for a  variety of reasons.

Please note that at the present time I am unable to offer hair tests to people residing in either the USA or Canada.

If you would like a hair test please fill in the hair  test form below and post it to me together with your hair sample. New clients should also fill in the New Client Questionnaire.

Hair test Form                                                                                  New Client Questionnaire