Transform Your Health Price List

Individual Face-to-Face consultations in my consultation room


1st consultation (approximately 90 - 120 minutes): £80

Follow-up consultations (approximately 60 - 90 minutes): £55

Hair Tests (Existing Clients UK only)

Hair test and Programme/Pills only via the post: £45

Hair test, online consultation and Programme/Pills via the post: £60

Hair test and Programme/Pills only via drop-off/collection: £40

Hair test, face-to-face discussion of results in the back garden and Programme/Pills: £55 (COVID-19 social distancing option)

Hair Tests (New Clients)

Hair test and Programme/Pills only: £65

Hair test, online consultation and Programme/Pills: £85

Please note that Hair Test costs are slightly higher than face-to-face consultation costs to cover the cost of postage and packaging for the homeopathic pills supplied as part of the recommended programme.


Payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer


Free email and telephone support available between consultations


Food sensitivity testing using kinesiology is included in the price of the consultation, if relevant.


Homeopathic remedies are included in the price of the consultation, if relevant.


Appointments are available during the day, some evenings and Saturdays. Please contact me for details.




Optional Extras


I may recommend supplements to clients for which they would be responsible for purchasing after the consultation. However, I try to keep supplement recommendations to a minimum. I may also recommend certain foods, teas, creams or toiletries.


I also mix up my own oils, gels and creams for people with skin issues. The oils, gels and creams cost between £15-37.50. I recommend these occasionally if I feel they would help your body to heal but you are under no obligation to buy.

I also mix up a scent for people who have panic attacks/anxiety issues. I select a range of calming essential oils for that person and add them to a base of perfumers alcohol. They can put a few drops on a handkerchief and smell it when they feel anxious/panicky. This costs £15 but again there is no obligation to purchase this.

Nutritional Therapy

Systematic Kinesiology

If you are unsure whether Transform Your Health can help you then please call 07977 067967 or email for further information.

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