Your body is amazing:

2.5 million red blood cells are made every second

You produce 10 litres of digestive juices every day

The inside of your intestines is replaced every 4 days

Your immune system replaces its army every week

Your skin is replaced every month

Most of your  body is replaced every 7 years


Your body does all this by absorbing and using nutrients from the food you eat.


However, in the 21 century the well balanced diet is becoming a myth. vitamin and mineral levels in food are declining. Many people are failing to consume minimum recommended amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, vitamin B12, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin D, let alone optimum levels. Exposure to  chemicals in food, toiletries and everyday household items and radiation from phone and computer equipment is also reducing the nutrients available to the  body.


Optimum health should be achievable by everyone but many people just accept ill-health or ‘feeling below par’ as normal without realising that nutritional therapy can address the underlying causes of ill-health.


Nutritional therapy examines your diet, lifestyle and environment in order to determine your unique nutritional requirements. Dietary and lifestyle changes will be recommended as the foundation to help you transform your health by addressing the underlying causes of your ill-health. Supplements may also be recommended.


Nutritional therapy works alongside and complements any existing medication or treatment prescribed by your GP, consultant or other complementary practitioner.


Salad, healthy eating, nutrition, well balanced diet
Healthy eating and nutrition. Well balanced diet. Vitamin & mineral levels in food

Diet not working.....?


  • Calorie restricted diets encourage the body to store fat

  • Low-fat diets can lead to essential fat deficiencies such as poor skin, nail and hair condition

  • High protein diets can damage the liver and kidneys

  • Some low GI foods are very unhealthy


Some diets work in the short-term  but can you eat like that for the rest of your life?


Diets should be specific to you - you are unique!


Using kinesiology it is possible to tailor a diet to suit your needs at this point in time. This will depend upon your genetics, your lifestyle, character, abilities and facilities available in your kitchen and your past experiences and emotions with your body, food and exercise.


The right diet is not set in stone - it will change as you get older, as your lifestyle changes, as we start healing your body and as you start losing weight.


Sometimes it is not what you are eating.....


Some clients I see are eating healthy diets but are still not losing weight. They often feel that people don’t believe that this can be true – it often is! Sometimes our bodies need more help to lose weight than just eating healthily and taking some of the standard supplements recommended by healthy eating regimes.


You are unique!


What helps one person to lose weight, may not be right for you. I do not follow a standard program or diet to help people lose weight. My approach is to test you as an individual to see what your body needs. Contributory factors to may include:


  • imbalanced blood sugar levels

  • food allergies or sensitivies

  • nutrient deficiencies

  • toxic fat – this can be toxic chemical, metals or infections. If the body cannot deal with something and get it out of the  body it will store it in fat cells. Unless the body is given the right help to process the toxic fat and excrete the toxins out of the  body then it will not go near it and the fat will stay where it is.

  • adrenal fatigue – this is often linked with fat stored around the waist

  • hormonal imbalances – this is often linked with fat stored around the thighs and bust

  • structural issues – even a simple backache can have a huge affect on the functioning of the nervous system

  • emotional issues – emotional issues may affect either the subconscious approach to food (consciously you want to eat healthily but your subconscious mind is sabotaging you without you realising) or sometimes  traumatic events can cause physical issues within the  body


Underlying health conditions often contribute to weight gain and these often need to be addressed in order to help weight gain. Get healthy at the same time as losing weight!


Do you want to....?


  • Look fabulous

  • Increase your enery

  • Lose weight

  • Banish cravings

  • Improve your digestion

  • Feel younger

  • Improve your concentration

  • Improve your athletic performance


Then prioritise your health now.

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Couple Running
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Little Boy Drawing
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Successful Girl
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Young Man doing Physical Exercise
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