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Roller Coasters can be good for your health!

In the November 2016 issue of CAM Magazine there was a fascinating article about a urologist whom discovered that riding old-fashioned roller coasters helped his patients to pass kidney stones. What I particularly loved about this article was that this doctor had acted on the comments made by his patients and, rather than dismissing these stories as coincidences, had actually taken the trouble to research these comments and put them to the test.

This is one of the many reasons that I love kinesiology as occasionally clients will come up with comments about their health that don't make sense or testing will reveal something that I cannot explain or didn't know but then need to spend more time researching. This is an important part of my Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Its not just about going along to the next conference and listening to another speaking talking about the latest research, its about learning from every consultation and every client I see.

For example, one client brought along a disaccharide called trehalose to test as she has a history of motor neurone disease in the family. I now have my own sample of trehalose that occasionally tests well for people who need nervous system support but have no diagnosis of motor neurone disease or relevant family history.

Another person I was chatting to was asking about the benefits of honey from different areas of the world, as he paid quite alot of money to import honey from his birth country. Everyone seems to have heard of manuka honey (and this does test well therapeutically for certain conditions), but not many people can mention other honeys that have recognised health benefits. This then prompted me to both research on the internet and test various other honeys from around the world. I now have a number of other honeys that sometimes test well therapeutically on clients, for example Ulmo honey from Chile.

A Mum brought Pure Potions skin salvation ointment intensive moisturising ointment along to show me after it had been newly released but not yet well-known. She wanted to me to test it to see if it would help her son's eczema as she had spotted that the list of ingredients contained the same herbs that I had been giving her son in homeopathic form. I have many different pots of ointments, creams and oils on the shelf that I test to see which may be therapeutic for a client's skin and this is now one of them.

So next time you go to visit a doctor, complementary practitioner or other health professional, don't be afraid to bring something to his or her attention, however, trivial. You never know what it may lead to!

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