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Drink mineral water to reduce your chance of getting Alzheimers

Aluminium has no biological role in the body and is a known neurotoxin but there has been speculation for many years about whether there is a direct link between levels of aluminium in the brain and Alzheimer's Disease. in 2014 an individual, who had had a high occupational exposure to aluminium over a period of 8 years, died from early onset alzheimers and was subsequently found to have high levels of aluminium in his brain. Also, after the Camelford incident in 1998 where high levels of aluminium were mistakenly added to the water supply, a subsequent BMJ report in 1998 linked the high aluminium levels with considerable damage to brain function. Although this does not conclusively prove that aluminium is the cause of Alzheimer's Disease, at the very least it suggests that aluminium exacerbates the disease.

Back in 2012 the Keele University Aluminium and Silicon Research Group published a study showing that drinking a litre of silicon-rich mineral water a day reduced levels of aluminium in the brains of participants with Alzheimer's Disease and, in some cases, improved cognitive performance. Mineral water with high levels of silicon sold in the UK include Volvic and Fiji. Even if we do not have Alzheimers Disease it would seem prudent to drink a glass of Volvic or Fiji water regularly to try and prevent aluminium levels from building up in our bodies.

Ten ways to reduce exposure to aluminium

Although we cannot avoid aluminium altogether we can minimise our exposure by:

  1. Using aluminium-free deodorant, sunscreen and toothpaste

  2. Breastfeeding or choosing an infant formula with a low aluminium content

  3. Choosing aluminium-free baking powder

  4. Minimising the use of aluminium foil, food in aluminium foil containers and drinks in aluminium cans

  5. Stopping smoking or avoiding exposure to smoke

  6. Avoiding aluminium-containing antacids and other medicines (be especially careful to check buffered aspirin, painkillers and diarrhoea medicine)

  7. Avoiding vaccinations containing aluminium

  8. Avoiding the use of aluminium cookware

  9. Filtering tap water (check your filter to make sure it removes aluminium) or drink bottled water

  10. Avoiding the following E numbers which contain aluminium: E173, E520, E521, E523 E541, E545, E554, E555 E556, E559

Aluminium has also been implicated in a number of other health issues including breast cancer, male infertility, auto-immune conditions, bone disease, Parkinson's and Multiple Schlerosis.

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